The New AFFT Organization


The new grassroots organization is off to a running start.  The telephonic leadership meeting was conducted tonight from 8 pm - 9:20 pm CDT with about 30 attendees.  An update on all the committee activity really made us excited about how much more will get done to pass The FairTax®" with our new Board of Directors.  We are all volunteers, so it is really amazing to witness so much work being accomplished by this group. With all this activity happening on the national level, we need to latch onto that energy and increase participation in other cities across Alabama.  We would be happy to help get new groups started. With the grassroots takeover of AFFT, we need volunteers to step up and increase activity throughout the state to convince Bradley Byrne, Martha Roby, Mike Rogers, Robert Aderholt and Terry Sewell to cosponsor and pass HR 25, The Fair Tax Act of 2013. Then, we'll have to convince Sen. Sessions and Sen. Shelby to cosponsor and pass S 122, The Fair Tax Act of 2013. So, please give serious thought to helping us fulfill our new mission statement: "Pass The FairTax®".  You can reach us at